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The EUROSOI network embraces a broad range of research areas related to Silicon-On-Insulator technology (from materials to end-user electronic applications in traditionally strong European industrial sectors such as automotive, communications, space). EUROSOI aims at federating the existing research work on SOI topics and at providing an appropriate communication channel between academic groups and industrial production centres. EUROSOI coordination efforts will be focused on fostering different activities to improve the lack of industrial development in Europe in SOI topics. A network of research centres, industries and end-users is the appropriate tool to structure and organize the existing R&D work on SOI topics, and achieve a critical mass to efficiently close the gap between academic groups and industry, which is responsible for the weakness of European Industry with regard to SOI.

GSA Ecosystem Portals
GSA has implemented Ecosystem portals focused on the major areas of the supply chain including IP, EDA, Test, Packaging and Manufacturing, as well as Analog/Mixed-Signal and MEMS. The Ecosystem Portals give SOI Industry Consortium access to GSA's unique market intelligence including: Tools, Articles, Presentations, Surveys, Reports and Whitepapers.