The SOI Industry Consortium is a group of leading companies from the electronics industry with the mission of accelerating silicon-on insulator (SOI) innovation into broad markets by promoting the benefits of SOI technology and reducing the barriers to adoption.

  • The SOI Industry Consortium strives to be the unifying voice of the SOI based industry.
  • The organization's mission is to both enable the extensive use of SOI design and technology by removing economic and technical barriers and to accelerate innovation to further amplify the value to the end customer.
  • The SOI Industry Consortium provides its members with a platform for meaningful global collaborations throughout the value chain.

Leading SOI Innovation into Broader Markets


Our goal is to enable the collaborative innovation required to:

  • Explicitly state the SOI value and leverage the inherent advantages of SOI technology throughout the entire value chain and into end user products.
  • Identify list of physical IP needed by market segments and facilitate IP and design validation to make it available on a competitive timeline.
  • Accelerate the current technology / product roadmap for both high performance and low power consumer applications.
  • Maximize financial returns by shortening time to market for the members.


The SOI Industry Consortium provides to members a highly integrated bundle of complementary skills and knowledge that enable the industry to leverage SOI technology and design by:

  • Sharing the effort to deploy SOI, thereby reducing the cost of adoption
  • Offering easy access to resources, knowledge, expertise and deliverables
  • Coordinating access to customer requirements and supply chain partners
  • Shortening the learning curve, accelerating the Time To Market
  • Providing clear roadmap and early access to technology that supports product development
  • Increasing the global knowledge
  • Influencing the growth and direction of the industry
  • Enabling new markets