Jan. 31, 2012Imec and Genalyte have successfully developed and produced a set of disposable SOI-photonics biosensor chips for Genalyte’s diagnostic and molecular detection equipment
[Advanced Substrate News]

Apr. 26, 2011Photonics on the Move
SOI is at the heart of silicon photonics. Here’s an overview of past, present and future trends.
[Advanced Substrate News]

Feb. 23, 2011Ultra-high Speed, All-optical Wavelength Converters Using Single SOA and SOI Photonic Integrated Circuits
We report a new family of ultra-fast all-optical wavelength converters. The device architecture employs a single SOA and filtering elements integrated in silicon-on-insulator substrates. These schemes enable high-integration density and low power consumption.
[Department of Information Technology (INTEC), Ghent University]

Jan. 20, 2011Device engineering for silicon photonics
[NPG Asia Materials]

Nov. 29, 2010Short, On-Chip Light Pulses Will Enable Ultrafast Data Transfer Within Computers
[Photonics Online]

Nov. 1, 2010All-silicon photonic crystal photoconductor on silicon-on-insulator at telecom wavelength
We demonstrate an all-silicon photodetector working at telecom wavelength. The device is a simple metal-semiconductor-metal detector fabricated on silicon-on-insulator. A two-dimensional photonic crystal nanocavity (Q = 60,000) is used to increase the response that arises from the linear and two-photon absorption of silicon. The responsivity of the detector is about 20 mA/W and its bandwidth is larger than 1 GHz.
[Optics Express, Vol. 18, Issue 23, pp. 23965-23972 (2010)]

Oct. 18, 2010High bandwidth on-chip silicon photonic interleaver
We demonstrate a 120 GHz 3-dB bandwidth on-chip silicon photonic interleaver with a flat passband over a broad spectral range of 70 nm. The structure of the interleaver is based on an asymmetric Mach-Zehnder interferometer (MZI) with 3 ring resonators coupled to the arms of the MZI. The transmission spectra of this device depict a rapid roll-off on the band edges, where the 20-dB bandwidth is measured to be 142 GHz. This device is optimized for operation in the C-band with a channel crosstalk as low as 20 dB. The device also has full reconfiguration capability to compensate for fabrication imperfections.
[OPTICS EXPRESS, Vol. 18, No. 22]

Sep. 3, 2010InGaP CQDs make compact fully integrated PICs
SPIE researchers have used InGaP colloidal quantum dots and unconventional fabrication techniques to produce cheaper, smaller PICs integrated onto a single chip.

Aug. 16, 2010Wavelength multicasting in silicon photonic nanowires
By Aleksandr Biberman, Benjamin G. Lee, Amy C. Turner-Foster, Mark A. Foster, Michal Lipson, Alexander L. Gaeta and Keren Bergman
[Cornell Nanophotonics Group]

Jul. 28, 2010Intel showcases 50 Gb/s silicon link
Technology giant makes significant advance by integrating four DFB lasers based on the hybrid InP design first developed in 2006.

Jul. 19, 2010First demonstration of long-haul transmission using silicon microring modulators
By Biberman, A., Manipatruni, S., Ophir, N., Chen, L., Lipson, M. and Bergman, K.
[Cornell Nanophotonics Group]

Jun. 3, 2010Reducing Polarization Dependent Loss of Silicon-on-Insulator Fiber to Chip Grating Couplers
For many telecommunication applications, low Polarization Dependent Loss (PDL) operation is mandatory. On the silicon-on-insulator photonic wire platform this can be achieved using polarization diversity configurations. However, as we show here, when using two dimensional grating couplers for near vertical fiber input and output, the low PDL bandwidth is limited. We propose and demonstrate the use of a π phase shifter in one of the arms of the polarization diversity circuit to effectively reduce PDL (0:15 dB PDL is shown) and increase the low PDL bandwidth.
by Robert Halir, Diedrick Vermeulen, and Günter Roelkens
[Universiteit Gent]

May. 31, 2010Saturation of the Raman amplification by self-phase modulation in silicon nanowaveguides
[Cornell University]

May. 24, 2010SOI Digital Technology Roadmap
by Horacio Mendez, SOI Industry Consortium
[Soi Industry Consortium]

May. 23, 2010Mid-infrared wavelength conversion in silicon waveguides using ultracompact telecom-band-derived pump source
by Sanja Zlatanovic, Jung S. Park, Slaven Moro, Jose M. Chavez Boggio, Ivan B. Divliansky, Nikola Alic, Shayan Mookherjea & Stojan Radic
[Nature Photonics]

May. 16, 2010Microwave Photonic Phase Shifter Based on Tunable Silicon-on-Insulator Microring Resonator
By Pu, Minhao; Liu, Liu; Xue, Weiqi; Frandsen, Lars Hagedorn; Ou, Haiyan; Yvind, Kresten; Hvam, Jørn Märcher
[2010 Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO) and Quantum Electronics and Laser Science Conference (QELS). San José, CA, USA, 2010]

May. 11, 2010Peregrine to manufacture 180-nanometer silicon-on-sapphire CMOS RF integrted cicuits on IBM's 8-inch fab
[Military & Aerospace Electronics]

Mar. 3, 2010IBM Scientists Create Ultra-Fast Device Which Uses Light for Communication between Computer Chips
Ultra-Low Power Device Could Greatly Further Energy Efficient Computing.

Feb. 3, 2010AMO leads a new 3-year European research program, PLATON, which will integrate electronics, photonics and plasmonics on an SOI motherboard chip for Tb/s back-plane or blade-server interconnects

Jan. 25, 2010Integrated photonic circuit in silicon on insulator for Fourier domain optical coherence tomography
By Günay Yurtsever, Pieter Dumon, Wim Bogaerts, Roel Baets
[Ghent University – IMEC, Photonics Research Group, Department of Information Technology (INTEC), Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 41, 9000 Gent, Belgium]

Jul. 30, 2009Luxtera: At SPIE/Photonics West ’09, Luxtera’s “Blazar” was both the overall “Best In Show” and winner of the Photonics Systems category for the 2008 Prism Awards
Blazer is a monolithic optoelectronic Optical Active Cable assembly reaching up to 300 meters and aggregated data rates up to 40 Gbps.
[Advanced Substrate News]

Jul. 30, 2009IBM & Soitec team up on wafer-level 3D Integration
Soitec and IBM are collaborating to accelerate 3D integration technology at 22nm and beyond. Soitec will leverage its Smart Stacking™ technology and all of its wafer-level bonding expertise including oxide-to-oxide and metal-to-metal molecular bonding — developed in collaboration with CEA-Leti.

Jun. 18, 2009Silicon-on-insulator waveguide photodetector with self-ion-implantation-engineered-enhanced infrared response
By Knights, A. P. Bradley, J. D. B. Gou, S. H. Jessop, P. E.
[IEEE Xplore]

Jun. 3, 2009Luxtera announced production status of the world’s first commercial silicon CMOS photonics fabrication process
Freescale is providing the foundry services, the first to commercially integrate SOI photonics and SOI CMOS electronics in a single high-volume, low-cost chip for high performance computing, data communications, and mainstream consumer electronics markets.

Jun. 3, 2009Luxtera Announces Production Status of World’s First Commercial Silicon CMOS Photonics Fabrication Process
[Business Wire]

Mar. 23, 2009Luxtera launches world's longest active optical cable to meet design demands of data centers

Mar. 17, 2009IBM Researchers Develop World’s Tiniest Nanophotonic Switch to route optical data between cores in future computer chips
IBM paper in nature (work uses SOI).

Oct. 21, 2008Luxtera Announces Multi-Million Dollar Project with Sun Microsystems and DARPA

Feb. 29, 2008Silicon-on-insulator eight-channel optical multiplexer based on a cascade of asymmetric Mach-Zehnder interferometers
By Dae Woong Kim, Assia Barkai, Richard Jones, Nomi Elek, Hat Nguyen, and Ansheng Liu
[Optics Letters, Vol. 33, Issue 5, pp. 530-532 (2008)]

Oct. 31, 2007The path towards CMOS-photonics monolithic integration
By Yuri Vlasov of IBM.
[Advanced Substrate News]

Oct. 31, 2007Double-SOI waveguide: the communication pathway beneath the surface
Koichiro Kishima of Sony is taking a double - SOI waveguide approach.
[Advanced Substrate News]

Oct. 31, 2007Intel’s Approach to Integrated Silicon Photonics
Ansheng Liu of Intel explains why SOI is the ideal substrate for the company’s integrated approach to silicon photonics.
[Advanced Substrate News]

Oct. 31, 2007SOI Technology for Tunable Optical Add-Drop Multiplexers
Giacometti Fabrizio of Pirelli Labs describes how SOI is leveraged in a new generation of optical telecom components.
[Advanced Substrate News]

Mar. 14, 2007Luxtera Announces Technology Breakthrough of Germanium-Enabled Integrated Photodetector on Mainstream SOI-CMOS Wafer

Jul. 11, 2005Innovative Silicon - Zero Capacitor Embedded Memory Technology Reverses SOI vs. Bulk Economics
[Advanced Substrate News]

Jul. 11, 2005Luxtera explains the role of SOI in the world’s first 10Gbit CMOS photonics platform
[Advanced Substrate News]