Mar. 26, 2012SiTime: Using SOI Technology to Develop High-Performance MEMS Timing Solutions
A radical SOI-based approach puts SiTime at the top of the fast-growing silicon-based timing market.
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Jan. 31, 2012Imec and Genalyte have successfully developed and produced a set of disposable SOI-photonics biosensor chips for Genalyte’s diagnostic and molecular detection equipment
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Jan. 26, 2012NXP unveiled its ultra-compact, high-precision SOI-MEMS-based frequency synthesizer
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Dec. 12, 2011Freescale’s new Xtrinsic MMA65xxKW family of accelerometers for advanced airbag sensors
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Dec. 6, 2011SiTime has recently added five more products to its line-up of SOI-MEMS-based timing solutions
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Dec. 6, 2011SiTime has introduced its SiT500x family, the industry’s first Voltage Controlled, Temperature Compensated Oscillator (VCTCXO) products with ±0.5 PPM stability
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Dec. 6, 2011Interview: How NXP’s SOI Technology Enables Major Advance in Automotive Position Sensors
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Apr. 22, 2011What Smart Stacking™ can do for you
Transferring a processed (or partially processed) layer of circuits from one wafer onto another enables innovative new solutions for BSI, MEMS, RF, 3D and more.
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Apr. 8, 2011Smart power saves power
ST’s newest SOI-based smart power technology delivers big reductions in power consumption in medical equipment, hybrid-electric-vehicle chargers and more.
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Apr. 6, 2011MEMS on SOI – Growing Fast and Faster
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Mar. 31, 2011How an SOI MEMS are built : MEMS first™ process

Mar. 25, 2011SOI for MEMS: A Promising Material
A new Yole report highlights growth of SOI MEMS.
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Jan. 5, 20112011 & SOI: Doing It.
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Jan. 3, 2011A 12GHz bulk-micromachined RF-MEMS phase shifter by SOI layer-separation design
[IEICE Electronics Express]

Aug. 13, 2010Label-free biosensor array based on silicon-on-insulator ring resonators addressed using a WDM approach
By D.-X. Xu, M. Vachon, A. Densmore, R. Ma, A. Delâge, S. Janz, J. Lapointe, Y. Li, G. Lopinski, D. Zhang, Q. Y. Liu, P. Cheben, and J. H. Schmid
[Optics Letters, Vol. 35, Issue 16, pp. 2771-2773]

Jul. 26, 2010To the Nanowire
SOI-based nanowire chips from nanosens can detect biochemical entities at the molecular level at room temperature.
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Jul. 26, 2010Smart Sense
Denis FLANDRE describles how UCL researchers leverage SOI in a powerful, affordable sensor design.
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Jul. 26, 2010In the Lab
Leti's healthcare research includes SOI-based sensors.
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Jul. 26, 2010X-Ray Visionaries
Developed for use in high energy particle physics, applications for KEK’s new SOIPIX technology can also extend to medical imaging.
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Jul. 15, 2010Integrated Optical Gas Sensors on Silicon-on-Insulator Platform
By N. A. Yebo, D. Taillaert, J. Roels, D. Lahem, M. Debliquy, Z. Hens, R. Baets
[Photonics Research Group, Department of Information Technology (INTEC) of Ghent University]

Jul. 1, 2010Cissoid further extends its lines of SOI-based products for high-temperature environments with a DC-DC converter platform, fast drivers for power transistors, and power MOSFETs.

May. 20, 2010An integrated optic ethanol vapor sensor based on a silicon-on-insulator microring resonator coated with a porous ZnO film
Optical structures fabricated on silicon-on-insulator technology provide a convenient platform for the implementation of highly compact, versatile and low cost devices. In this work, we demonstrate the promise of this technology for integrated low power and low cost optical gas sensing. A room temperature ethanol vapor sensor is demonstrated using a ZnO nanoparticle film as a coating on an SOI micro-ring resonator of 5 µm in radius. The local coating on the ring resonators is prepared from colloidal suspensions of ZnO nanoparticles of around 3 nm diameter. The porous nature of the coating provides a large surface area for gas adsorption. The ZnO refractive index change upon vapor adsorption shifts the microring resonance through evanescent field interaction. Ethanol vapor concentrations down to 100 ppm are detected with this sensing configuration and a detection limit below 25 ppm is estimated.
by Nebiyu A. Yebo, Petra Lommens, Zeger Hens and Roel Baets
[Optics Express, Vol. 18, Issue 11, pp. 11859-11866]

Development of New Packaging Technology.

Dec. 8, 2009Thales and Tronics in Partnership for High-performance Inertial MEMS
[Tronics Microsystems]

Dec. 4, 2009IMEC has developed an SOI-MEMS actuator that runs on ultra-low power and is watertight
This makes the actuator especially suited for use in in-vivo biomedical applications as well as in any application that needs long autonomy and small batteries.
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Nov. 17, 2009IBM Scientists Reinvent Medical Diagnostic Testing
Silicon Chip Tests for Disease in Rapid Time, Using Microscopic Sample.

Jul. 30, 2009EDN Innovation Winner 2008
This spring, the EDN magazine Innovation of the Year in Passive Components and Sensors was awarded to ADI’s SOI-MEMS based ADXL001 Industrial Vibration Sensor.
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May. 27, 2009All of VTI Technologies’ MEMS products are based on SOI wafers
The company’s CMA 3000 multi-axis accelerometer is the “stride sensor chip” in the miCoach real-time training system launched by adidas and Samsung last year.
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May. 27, 2009For pure-play MEMS leader Silex, SOI offers clear advantages
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May. 27, 2009Gefran's pressure sensors take the heat for plastics manufacturing systems
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May. 27, 2009SiTime's line of ultra-small resonators target portable electronics
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May. 27, 2009Manufactured by ST, Debiotech's tiny pump holds big promise for diabetes treatment
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Mar. 19, 2009Start-up IC for DC/DC-Converter starts from 0.3V Input Voltage

Jan. 1, 2009RFMD RF MEMS transmit/receive switch and an RF MEMS mode-switch for 3G multimode handsets

Jul. 8, 2008Sarnoff’s new SOI-based Ultra-Sense™
A low-cost, scalable method for manufacturing high-performance back-illuminated image sensors. Sensor designers and manufacturers can use this novel approach to achieve higher resolution, smaller pixel size, higher quantum efficiency (QE) and maximized system performance without incurring additional costs.

Jan. 1, 2008Caltech/Leti: “Nanovlsi” project starts with NEMS/biosensors
[Nanosystems VLSI]

Apr. 23, 2007Oki ultraviolet (UV) sensor IC ML 8511
In Chinese cell phone.

Dec. 6, 2006Micralyne’s new platform makes robust, reliable SOI-MEMS faster, better, cheaper
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Jul. 11, 2006The “millipede” project/MEMS storage
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Apr. 6, 2006Tronics/ELAMedical
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Apr. 18, 2005Tronics/Sercel SOI-MEMS in oil exploration
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Mar. 30, 2005Cell design services

Mar. 7, 2005Sandia/sensors