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Jun. 4, 2014 Synopsys, STMicroelectronics and Samsung Collaborate to Accelerate Adoption of 28-nm FD-SOI Technology for SoC Design
Synopsys Galaxy Design Platform Enables Designers to Take Full Advantage of High-Performance and Low Power of 28-nm FD-SOI [Synopsys]

Jun. 17, 2013 American Semiconductor has announced the FleX-MCU™ product family
[Advanced Substrate News]

May. 15, 2013 Sheffield firm gets funding to develop low power SRAM for finfet processes
[Electronics Weekly]

Apr. 17, 2012 FD-SOI: A process booster for ST-Ericsson’s next generation NovaThor, Part 1
[ST-Ericsson Technology Blog]

Apr. 16, 2012 Soitec provides affordable paths to higher performance, lower-power processors for mobile and consumer devices

Apr. 16, 2012 Soitec outlines fully depleted product roadmap for advanced planar and three-dimensional transistors

Apr. 6, 2012 ST-Ericsson announces next-gen NovaThor at 28nm, on FD-SOI

Dec. 7, 2011 Intel Delays Finfets
[Electronics Weekly]

Dec. 6, 2011 ST: FD-SOI for Competitive SOCs at 28nm and Beyond
[Advanced Substrate News]

Nov. 7, 2011 Power, Performance, Cost. FDSOI lets you pick any three. Want proof? How about an ARM Cortex-M0 processor core example?
[EDA360 Insider]

Aug. 19, 2011 IBM Presents Brainlike Chips
[IEEE Spectrum]

Jun. 17, 2011 MEMC to help establish the substrate supply chain for FD SOI

Feb. 14, 2011 Chenming Hu Welcomes FinFET vs. UTB-SOI Race
[Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design]

Jan. 13, 2011 Material Effects: Trading Performance For Power
Specifically, SOI-based devices differ from conventional silicon-built... SOI can be implemented in two forms: partially depleted and fully depleted... [Low-Power Engineering]

Dec. 14, 2010 Will Future Transistors Appear in Glorious 3D?
[The Applied Materials Blog]

Nov. 9, 2010 Made in IBM Labs: New Chip Technology Paves the Way to a Faster Internet

Sep. 1, 2010 IBM claims fastest MPU
[EE Times]

Jul. 1, 2010 EDA Consolidation Continues
It too is expanding its product portfolio and launched a comprehensive silicon-on-insulator (SoI) Design Hub, a new Web portal that will help lower barriers to adoption of SoI technology by reducing initial start-up costs, reducing time ... [Sramana Mitra on Strategy]

Jul. 1, 2010 Ellison Makes Pressure Transducers Using Silicon on Sapphire
[SA Instrumentation & Control]

Jun. 23, 2010 AMD's Opteron 4100s march into x64 price war
Both chips are implemented in a 45 nanometer silicon on insulator process and manufactured by GlobalFoundries, the chip foundry that AMD spun out last year. [The Register]

Jun. 23, 2010 IBM 'fab club' aligns 28-nm process, jabs rival
Four companies in IBM Corp.’s ''fab club’’--IBM, Samsung, GlobalFoundries, and STMicroelectronics--said that they are in collaboration to ''synchronize’’ the production of chips, based on its previously-announced, 28-nm low-power process. GlobalFoundries will not ship a 32-nm bulk technology with high-k. Instead, it will ramp a 32-nm silicon-on-insulator (SOI) technology with high-k for a customer, namely Advanced Micro Devices Inc. Not long ago, AMD spun-off its manufacturing unit into a new company called GlobalFoundries. [EE Times]

Jun. 22, 2010 Freescale Extends QorIQ Family with Quad-Core P3 Platform Optimized for Low Power
Manufactured in 45nm silicon-on-insulator process technology, the P3041 offers optimal integration and new intellectual property that delivers improved functionality for end products. The P3041 processor integrates four e500mc cores... [EDACafé]

Jun. 9, 2010 Cadence Announces Comprehensive SOI Design Hub

Jun. 8, 2010 Tegal Receives Repeat Order for Tegal 4200 SE Cluster Tool Silicon DRIE Process Module

Jun. 2, 2010 Kilopass Announces Embedded Logic NVM for SoCs
Gusto Delivers 4Mb One-Time-Programmable Ultra-Secure Storage for Consumer and Mobile applications [Chip Design]

May. 31, 2010 Startup proposes SOI JFETs for low power
[EE Times]

May. 25, 2010 Gefran launches dedicated website for IMPACT series melt pressure sensors
[Process and Control Today]

May. 25, 2010 Peregrine's New SP5T RF Switch Offers High Isolation for Infrastructure Apps
[Consumer Electronics Net]

May. 25, 2010 Cadence agrees to help IBM make IP for 32-nm SOI
[EE Times]

May. 11, 2010 Peregrine to manufacture 180-nanometer silicon-on-sapphire CMOS RF integrted cicuits on IBM's 8-inch fab
[Military & Aerospace Electronics]

May. 10, 2010 IBM, Peregrine roll new Si-on-sapphire process
[EE Times]

May. 6, 2010 Optical switching: faster, smaller, and more frugal
[Compound Semiconductor]

May. 5, 2010 MEMS Piezoresistive Low Pressure Sensing Die
[Design World]

Apr. 20, 2010 Clare Introduces a New High-Voltage LED Driver With 8V to 550V Input Voltage Range and Greater Than 90% Efficiency

Apr. 13, 2010 The heart of the matter: Mayo Clinic team develops on SOI
[New Electronics]

Apr. 11, 2010 AMD's Turbo Core Technology
[PC Perspective]

Apr. 8, 2010 Singapore Launches Micro Electro Mechanical Systems Consortium
[Gov Monitor]

Apr. 7, 2010 Graphene Could Usher in New Silicon-based Photonic Circuitry
[Beyond Moore]

Mar. 31, 2010 ARM Keynote: Will ‘Dark Silicon’ Derail The Mobile Internet?

Mar. 29, 2010 IBM demos graphene optical link

Mar. 29, 2010 Designing With ARM--Looking back and looking forward

Mar. 24, 2010 IBM, ARM and Cadence collaborate to provide chip and system designers access to key IP
[PC's Semiconductors Blog]

Mar. 23, 2010 China's CSMC Fab Sources SOI Substrates From France's Soitec
[China Sourcing News]

Mar. 23, 2010 Design Chain Solution for Silicon-on-Insulator Technology
[Chip design]

Mar. 23, 2010 Are *you* ready for Silicon-on-Insulator technology?

Mar. 23, 2010 Major Semiconductor Companies Join Forces to Launch Design Chain Solution for Silicon-on-Insulator Technology

Mar. 23, 2010 Major Semiconductor Companies Join Forces to Launch Design Chain Solution for SOI Technology

Mar. 22, 2010 ARM CTO warns of dark silicon

Mar. 16, 2010 Soitec supplies SOI substrates to foundry CSMC
[EE Times]

Mar. 15, 2010 Looking ahead to designing with ARM